As a home owner your roof is your home’s defining feature so make sure you do your homework and ensure the roof over your head is a good one!

As a homeowner, you may already be aware of the fact that exteriors of your home also need equal if not more attention than the interiors, as far as its maintenance needs are concerned. Since roofs are undoubtedly the vital part of any home, they need regular maintenance or complete re-roofing in many cases.

Re-roofing is undoubtedly one of the most significant decisions that you can ever make as a homeowner. Ensuring a water-tight roof not only adds value to your home but also helps reduce heating costs as your house will be free from leaks and draughts, making it more energy efficient.

It doesn’t matter where you are living in a newly constructed house, or you may be a proud owner of a century old mansion, you should know that the life expectancy of roofs varies greatly depending on construction methods and the materials used, and of course if the roof has been maintained well in its life. Some traditional slate roofs for example can last over a hundred years! Finding a reputable roofing company can inform you when the best time for re-roofing would come, it maybe that the roof has come to a point where repair is not a cost effective option and re-roofing would be the best option.

You need professional re-roofing specialists because of the three main factors that involve in re-roofing your home –

1) The overall difficulty in the job. Re-roofing a house completely is a time consuming and tricky task and if it is not completed or finished correctly it can lead to very expensive repair bills!

2) Selecting the correct materials. A specialist will advise you on the most cost effective and durable way of covering a roof. Re-covering a slate roof with new concrete tiles which are cheaper to buy for example would require extra timber supports due to the extra weight of the new tiles.

3) Re-roofing should be perfectly compliant with prevalent building regulations in the UK. For instance, in most of the cases of re-stripping and re-covering, you will also need to upgrade thermal insulation layer according to the current standards.

Regardless of the design of your home, some common types of roofing materials used are clay tiles, concrete tiles and slate among others. The choice of roofing material is entirely dependent on the nature of usage of the structure. Most importantly, re-roofing is  not only done to replace with current roof with better and stronger roofing material, but it also provides homeowners an opportunity to add value and style to their homes. You may wish to keep the current style of your home intact, or you may go for an entirely new style for your roofing.

Leeds Roofing Company Ltd have vast experience in this field and would be happy to provide quotations for any of your roofing requirements.

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