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Yorkshire Stone

Yorkshire stone is an amazing material with which to build your roof. Leeds Roofing Company is an amazing roofing expert to build your roof. Put them together and you will have Leeds’ best Yorkstone rooftops.


Versatile, Durable and Traditionally Beautiful

Also called ‘Yorkstone’, the Yorkshire stone has been used to make roofs for centuries.  Known as the paving stone of England, Yorkshire stone is a versatile and durable stone that serves as an exceptional roof. Its traditional look will look great on your home, a look that will work for decades, after which you can simply turn the Yorkstone tiles over and get a new look.


Special Craftsmanship

Making a roof from Yorkshire stone requires special craftsmanship. We employ the most skilled Leeds roofers, getting the most flattering Yorkshire stone roof in Leeds on top of your home. We work hard every day to ensure our customers get all the benefits of Yorkshire stone.


Yorkshire Stone Repair

In addition to building Yorkshire stone roofing, Leeds Roofing Company also offers premium roof repairing services for the Yorkshire stone roofs. You need specialist Leeds roofers for building or repairing roofs with Yorkshire stone, making Leeds Roofing Company your best choice for either.

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