Why should you Choose Leeds Roofing Company?

t’s a great question, isn’t it?

Why should you choose Leeds Roofing Company?

Well, we’ve talked about what you should look for in a roofing company before, and, we’ve also talked about what makes a roof a good roof.

Both of those articles are full of excellent information on what you should be looking for in your roofing company and the quality of work you should expect.

But, they don’t glamorise us – practically begging for business isn’t our style.

Having said that, there are a few reasons that you should choose Leeds Roofing Company as your roofing contractors.

Let’s go over the main one’s:

We’re highly experienced

We have been working within the roofing industry for years, and we have worked on thousands of projects across the UK. Our business now focuses on the Leeds area, but we have been known to get in our vans and trek across the country to meet the needs of our customers. We have installed, repaired, serviced and refurbished countless roofs, and we have built up the industry knowledge required to deliver an exceptional job every time.

We’re cost-effective

There are lots of roofing contractors that ask for lump sums up-front, and charge a lot of money that does not reflect the quality fo work carried out. At Leeds Roofing Company, we’re extremely competitive priced, and will go out of our way to beat the quotation of any other roofing company in Leeds. If that means making less money, then so be it!

We care about you!

You are our customer. Without you, there would not be an us. So, we look after our customers, offering a warranty on the work that we carry out and we offer the very best prices. Not only that, but we carry out all of our work with an emphasis on safety, and we go out of our way to ensure that your roofing will last for a very, very long time – we don’t look for quick fixes and we never cut corners. Your safety and well-being is our main concern.

Reputation means everything to us

This last point builds on all of the others – without a good reputation, we wouldn’t be in business. We get satisfaction out of delivering work that’s to an exceptionally high quality, and we go out of our way to meet the needs of our customers. We always promise to deliver a service to our customers that will blow them away. With our roofing services, you will certainly be in safe hands.

Get in touch with Leeds Roofing company today to chat about your project – a new roof can increase the value fo your home and it can also save you money on your energy bills. For expert advice, and a free quotation, call us on 0800 037 5669.

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