The most stylish and hardwaring of flat roofing systems.
Our fibreglass roofing products are the ultimate choice for both a long term solution to leaking flat roofs but also the most pleasing to the eye, enhancing any property’s curb appeal.

What’s so special about a GRP roof?

Our glass fibre roof products simply sell themselves! With so many unique selling points, it’s no wonder that fibreglass has become the preferred choice for flat roofing.  Being water resistant, cost effective and extremely tough are not the only reasons more homeowners are opting for GRP products.  Their stylishness and ability to completely change the look of a building attracts a wide range of customers, and there are also many architects that use them in different areas of their design work.  Due to the toughened and non-slip surface of a glass fibre roof, they can withstand frequent tread which makes them ideal for exterior mezzanines or walkways.

If your house has any area which would benefit from a GRP roof, phone us to discuss your options or complete the online form for a no obligation quotation.

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