You might not realise it, but there are actually lots of different roofs for people to choose from. Of course experts can recommend choices for you and often this will depend on your exact needs and the type of building in question. For homes there are different choices, although some of the best include:

Artstone Roofing

Greys Artstone are one of the biggest names in the roofing industry and their Artstone roofing slates are no disappointment. These original stone slates are handcrafted to make them perfect for your roof. These are generally used as an alternative to natural stone roofing slates.

Roofing contractors like these slates because they are so lightweight, which makes them easy to fit. However that said they are hard wearing and won’t crack or break – so they are perfect for someone looking at long term, reliable roofing materials.

GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofs

Thanks to GRP Fibreglass flat roofs you can now have a flat roof without having to worry. In the past flat roofs have collected water which means that they quickly become damaged at work. Now with high quality fibreglass sheets you don’t have to worry about these.  If you use the right type of fibreglass then installation is quick and you’ll see the benefits straight away. The great thing about this type of roof is that you are looking for a lifespan of around 30 years – which helps to ensure you get fantastic value for money when you invest in your new roof.

Lead Roofing

Lead roofing has been around for a number of years and is still extremely popular. If you have a home that is likely to be up against harsh weather then lead roofing could well be something for you to consider. Lead roofing is known to offer amazing protection against bad weather and be extremely durable for a number of years – exactly what you want when you are investing in a new roof.  You’ll find lots of big buildings opt for lead roofing above anything else, especially places such as churches which just goes to show how hard wearing lead roofing can be.

If all of this seems confusing or you aren’t sure of the best type of roof for your needs then don’t worry. If you contact a roofing company then they can give you advice on the best choice for you and your needs.

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