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Traditional Lead and Modern Roofing

In addition to translating high quality traditional lead into long lasting roofing, Leeds Roofing Company also creates the most durable and elegant zinc roofing.


While traditional lead roofing has a lifespan that exceeds a century, it is a modern roofing material that almost matches the longevity of traditional lead. By hiring skilled Leeds roofers to put your zinc roofing in place, the roofing can serve you for around 80 years.


Various Finishing

At Leeds Roofing Company you choose from a range of finishes for your zinc roofing. From subtle colours and various effects, we ensure that your zinc roof gives you the best of the beauty and qualities inherent to the element. We advise you according to your budget, helping you get a zinc roof that saves you money in the long term and looks good throughout the long years.


No Maintenance

An amazing benefit of zinc roofing is that it does not require any maintenance. The materials we use are self-weathering, giving you the peace of mind of not having to worry about maintaining the roof. As the best Leeds roofers, our quality work ensures that Zinc roofing takes care of you, not the other way around.

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