Flat roofing options can seam endless as with any home emprovement these days but Felt, GRP Fibreglass,  and Firestone rubber roofing are the main options available and the most popular to both the residential & comercial market.
Built up flat roof systems including felt, asphalt flat roof or bitumen has a typical life span from 10 to 30 years Leeds Roofing Company recommend several high quality superior performance  build up systems that can last 20 plus years.
Asphalt and bitumen deterioration caused by poor weather conditions in Leeds means its essential to pick the right product for your project. As there are many grades of felt there are options to suit most budgets.

In addition to this GRP flat roof are becoming very popular as the next step towards longer lasting roof replacements with the added advantage of being both seamless and very pleasing to the eye.

Leeds Roofing Company are expert installers in both systems and we would be happy to provide free advice and estates on any proposed projects be they large or small.

As with all are work everything is covered by insurance backed written guarantees. Giving you additional peace of mind that your roof will not only look great but will stand the test of time!


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