What sets us apart from other roofing companies?

The time is going to come at some point when your roof needs to undergo some repair work. It might be due to storm damage, the house or building might be old and overdue some repairs, or you might decide to get a flat roof fitted, and when the time comes for getting your roof repairs done, this article explains six reasons why you should you choose the Leeds Roofing Company.

Attention to detail

Our business has always prided itself on its attention to detail. We make sure that close attention is paid to every part of the job and we will never consider a job finished until it has been completed to the highest possible standards.

Guaranteed work

Some companies consider the job done once the work has been completed, however, the Leeds Roofing Company gives all of its customers a guarantee for the work that has been carried out so our customers can be assured that on the slim chance anything might go wrong with a repair that we have completed, then they are covered.

Fast quotations

At the Leeds Roofing Company we can understand that the need for a quotation is often urgent, especially in the case of storm damage when a householder or business might need a quote as quickly as possible for insurance purposes, or if a customer wants to get an idea of the price so that they budget for it. For these reasons, our company responds to requests as soon as possible and pledges to never keep our new or current customers waiting for a quote.


Throughout our years of trading, our business has always prided itself on the way our staff conduct themselves. When a customer contacts our company for a quote, and when one of team calls on the premises to quote for work, they can expect to be treated in a courteous, professional manner.


Our expert staff have years of expertise in every type of roofing repair work. No matter what the problem is, our team is likely to have dealt with something similar before, and we’ll know how to handle it.

No hidden charges

No one likes to be faced with an unexpected charge when they received their invoice, and the Leeds Roofing Company can guarantee that when a customer chooses our company, they will not be hit with hidden charges.


To find out more about our services and how the Leeds Roofing Company can help in the event of gale damage, contact us on 0800 037 5669 or fill out the form here.

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