Roofing – Does my lead work need attention?

If your roof is leaking, then its lead work could be the cause. Lead work is commonly found on flat and pitched roofs and over time it can degrade. However, the lead itself degrades incredibly slowly. It is actually improper installation that most commonly causes it to fail.

So does your lead work need attention? Well, the only way to really know is to have a roof inspection carried out by a qualified roofer, such as ourselves. We approach such inspections with the knowledge that lead roofing often has a lifespan that exceeds a century and during our inspections we look for signs of improper installation and elemental damage to ascertain whether or not lead work is the cause of your leaking roof. Our findings show:

  • Traditional lead roofing can last for over 100 years;
  • Most modern installations of lead roofing are carried out to a very high standard;
  • Conversely, the most common cause of lead roofing failure is improper installation;
  • The most common failure we see is lead work pulling away from the roof.

What if my lead work is found to be the source of my leak?

The good news is that lead work can be repaired in most cases. Lead sheeting is applied to a roof in sections and it could be that just one section needs replacing. This would be a low cost repair in terms of material, and it wouldn’t take very long to complete. However, the appropriate course of action depends on a few different things:

  • Signs of corrosion on the top or underside of the lead;
  • Inadequate or worn our fixings;
  • Restrictions on the thermal movement of the lead;
  • The existence of ripples and splits.

Based on these factors, a decision needs to be made – should the lead be repaired or renewed. And when making this decision, the roofer should always favour the solution that will extend the life of the roof by the most time. For instance, simply repairing a split could add another ten or fifteen years to the roof. But replacing a section of lead could add another fifty years to the roof. Which is best? Replacement, of course. However, ultimately it is the homeowner’s decision and cost will play a big part in the decision.

When we perform an inspection of your roof, we will thoroughly review your lead work and provide you with a report on its condition – along with expert advice. We’ll even provide you with a free, no obligation quote should work need to be carried out.

To find out more, call Leeds Roofing Company on 0800 037 5669 or from your mobile on 07947 272 606.

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