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Roof Repairs – Add Life to your Roof

If you had the misfortune of using mediocre roofing services in Leeds, you might need roof repairs sooner that you might have expected or liked. Besides low quality roofing, environmental and maintenance related factors also affect your roof’s condition. In any case, if your roofing has seen better days, with Leeds Roofing Company’s help, it can still see pretty good ones in the future.


The Best thing Besides Getting a New Roof

The type of roof repairs that Leeds’ residents require can be quite diverse. Fortunately for you, our company has the best Leeds roofers. Their skills and experience comfortably cover all aspects of even the most challenging roof repairs. Find out more about Leeds Roofing Company here >


Competence and Honesty

Our clients are often surprised when we tell them they need roof repairs. This is because often other Leeds roofers tell them that repairing their roof is not possible and a new roof is the only solution. We have the competence and honesty to minimize the number of times we have suggested new roofing for our clients (unless they are building a new house/office!).


Signs You Need Roof Repairs (When to Call Us)…

  • Water leakage
  • Shingles that are broken, loose or missing
  • Wet dark spots
  • Dark scraps
  • Large quantity of granules
  • Rotting wood or mould problems
  • Damaged Flashing



A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine

If you experience any of the above, (a dripping sound is a good symptom for almost all of them!), then call the Leeds Roofing Company immediately. Delaying will make matters very bad, very quickly.

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