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You cannot always solve your roofing problem through roof repairs. While most Leeds roofers will try to entice you into getting a re-roofing done even if one is not required, the Leeds Roofing Company has very high ethical standards.

Only after thoroughly checking your roof and believing that repairing the roof will not do the job, will we recommend a re-roofing. Once we do recommend a re-roofing job in Leeds, you should breathe a sigh of relief that what could have been a very troublesome job in the hands of mediocre Leeds roofers, will now be performed by the best Leeds roofing company.


Taking your old roof apart, not your lifestyle…

It is a given that a re-roofing job will entail some disturbing elements like noise, vibration and debris. However, this should not mean that your re-roofing make you check into a hotel. As the provider of the best roofing services Leeds has to offer, the Leeds Roofing Company ensures that all distractions and disturbances are managed in a way that ensures minimal disruption to your lifestyle.


Re-roofing is a delicate process that can go either way. Our experienced re-roofing experts guarantee complete satisfaction from the job so you have nothing to worry about.


Signs you may Need Re-Roofing (When to Call Us):

  • Bad decking
  • Over-all poor roofing condition
  • Too many layers on current roofing
  • Bad incompatible shingles on current roofing
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