Lead theft from roofing is an issue all over the UK. A quick search on Google reveals police warnings over lead theft from Dorset to Northern Ireland and if you have lead in your roof, you may well find yourself a target of thieves in the future. The reason behind this lead theft growth is the rise in the value of scrap and the quick payday it affords thieves. But, this isn’t a modern issue only – lead theft has been happening for years. Unlike our forefathers, though, today we have ways to prevent lead theft that actually work.

Preventing lead theft with identity marking

The best way to prevent lead theft is through identity marking. This measure isn’t going to physically stop thieves from stealing your lead, but it will put them off and in cases aid the authorities in catching the culprits. Quite simply, identity marking makes lead theft less attractive as it increases the risk for the thieves and any scrap metal dealer who handles it.

There’s a few options with identity marking:

  • Embossing

Lead can be embossed across the surface with identifying numbers, logos or anything else unique. There are companies that specialise in this measure and it’s an effective deterrent.

  • DNA marking

Marking materials like Smartwater can be used to deter thieves, as can greases which will leave a mark on anybody that handles the lead. This links thieves with the crime scene.

Preventing lead theft with CCTV

CCTV systems are increasingly adopted by churches and other businesses that have a lot of lead in their roofing. CCTV systems are one of the best deterrents against crime because they record events and can be used as evidence. Even homeowners are starting to adopt CCTV to prevent lead theft. If you are interested in such a security measure, there are various experts out there who can help you. CCTV systems can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds depending on the scale of installation and types of technology used, though.

Preventing lead theft with intruder detection systems

There are two ways that thieves can gain access to your roof to steal lead: 1) By breaking into your property to gain roof access, or 2) By climbing the exterior of the building. With regard to the former, intruder detection devices like burglar alarms are very important. If you live in an active local community, the sirens and flashing lights of an armed intruder alarm would be enough to putt off any ordinary thief. If you do not live in an active local community, then a monitored system that’s linked to the police will be best for you.

Preventing lead theft with special fixings

As a last resort, you may wish to consult a company that can fix your lead to your roof using special fixings that cannot be tampered with by thieves. LedLok is one example. They secure sheets of lead against theft and they are recommended by many businesses across the UK.




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