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For every home, there is going to come a time when the pointing needs repairing. Pointing can become damaged over the years from harsh weather conditions or simply through age; due to its exposure to environmental stresses through the years, the pointing can start to fail and lead to leaking, which if it is left, can becomes more severe and could lead to damp, and ultimately lead to more severe damage to the roof, which will then be more costly to repair.

If the damage to the pointing only appears minor, it can be tempting to tackle this job yourself, as there are kits available, however, if you want a professional job that is going to keep your roof looking good and the structure sound then you are going to need to call in an expert team of builders to do the work for you.

Here are some key points to consider about repairing and maintaining the pointing

  • If is householder is going to ensure that they keep the roof in the best condition possible, then the pointing in the ridge tiles, hip tiles and verges will need to be kept well-maintained. Doing this will help to avoid more extensive work further down the line.
  • When it comes to assessing pointing, a professional builders will look at several main areas to ensure that the pointing is well maintained. They will look for damage to the mortar in the ridge and hip tiles, and in the verges. The builders will then advise you what needs to be done if repair work will be required.
  • The builder will also look for damaged or slipped tiles, and examine the roof for any signs of leaks or damp, and check all of the surrounding areas as well. Once a local building firm as made the assessment, they’ll give you a quote and you can decide whether or not to go ahead with the work.
  • When looking for a company to complete your pointing work, find one that has a fair price policy and charges you a competitive price for completing the work.


Leeds Roofers

The Leeds Roofing Company has years of experience in successfully completing pointing work. Whether it is a simple, straight forward job that needs a quick fix, or far more extensive job, then we have the expertise to get the work done to the highest possible standards, ensuring that the roof will look good and stay structurally sound for years to come.

To find out more about Leeds Roofing Company and our services, call 0800 037 5669 or complete our online form by clicking here.

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