How to Keep your Roof in Good Condition
It’s vitally important to maintain your roof – after all, your rooftop is an investment that keep your property safe from stormy weather and the elements all year round, year after year.
As it works so hard to keep you protected, your rooftop can be vulnerable to the weather. Investing a little of your time in ensure that your roof is safe and secure can pay dividends in the long run, as roof damage that’s left to gradually disintegrate to can lead to the expense of a whole new roof.
The first step to maintaining your roof is to keep a close eye on it. Often there’ll be signs of damage or potential problems, such as moss on the ground that’s fallen from the rooftop. Moss can be a real problem for your roof as it can lead to water not draining quickly as it should which can result in water ingress resulting in damage to felt, timbers and beyond.
You can check your rooftop safely from the ground with a pair of binoculars if you so desire or If you’re in any doubt, contact your Leeds Roofing Company who will be able to assess your roof for damage and provide you with a free estimate of any works needed.
Look out for wear and tear such as curled fallen cement or missing tiles. If you have a chimney, check out the brickwork to make sure there are no gaps where rain water can leak in. Check inside and out – if the roof is letting water in, there could be damp spots on your ceiling. There could be signs of water damage in your loft, such as rotting timber or rusty metal work.
Keep Your Roof Free of Debris
Cleaning it regularly can help to extend the life of your roof. Keeping your roof free of leaves is also advisable.
If there are lots of trees near your rooftop, trim back the branches if you can so that you can limit the amount of debris dropping from them on to your rooftop. It can also help to deter animals from using your roof to nest.
Clear your roof of moss. You may think it’s a little harmless greenery that adds character to your roof, but moss can be a real problem, especially in winter. Moss has no roots, so it retains water so your roof will be damp underneath all year round – and if this water is allowed to freeze over winter, it can cause major damage such as cracks in your roof tiles.
Keep your guttering clean too. Gutter cleaning should be performed at least once a year – in autumn if possible so that your gutters can keep water flowing freely from your rooftop when winter sets in. Clean your gutters by scooping out any debris that’s blocking downpipes, and protect your downpipes from further dirt by placing a mesh guard inside to keep them clean. They’ll still need the occasional clean but this should limit the amount of rubbish that collects in them.
For friendly advice of to arrange a free quotation call Leeds Roofing Company today as we have many years of dealing with all manner of roofing and property maintenance issues.

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