Lead alternatives.

Needless to say that there is a health risk for those who find themselves working with lead products, there are many situations where lead is used, mostly in the construction industry:

  • Valleys and gullys
  • Chimneys
  • Flat roof edges/upstands.
  • Lead is often found on churches and residential buildings and due to it’s high re-sale value is often the target of thieves who sell it on so it can be melted down into new rolls of lead. If you have an issue with lead theft, you will be pleased to know there is another option, lead alternative flashing. This material is made from bitumen and interwoven with wire, it looks just like lead but has zero re-sale value.

Why you should use this product

Here is a non exhaustive list of reasons why you should install this product:

  • Safe to work with, no risk of lead poisoning
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to work with although not as malleable as lead
  • Looks like lead
  • Has no re-sale value
  • Lighter than lead
  • Long lasting

This product is very easy to work with, it can bent just like lead and also can be stretched somewhat.

It should be noted that this bitumen based product cannot be “worked” in the same manner as real lead, but no non lead product can be. This a great anti-theft product to consider for your roof. Ideal for low and high level roofs alike.

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