Worsening weather conditions have led to severe winter storms, which in turn can lead to damage to your roofing. Sometimes, a roof may be so badly damaged that it needs to be completed replaced, but the Leeds Roofing Company has the experience to cast an expert eye over the work that needs to be done, and we will use our expertise to see if we can come up with an affordable solution.

In the event that your home is damaged and you need to get insurance repair works carried out, here are some of the essential steps you’ll need to take to get your claim settled as easily as possible.

Get Evidence

The most important thing is to get evidence of the damage caused to the property. Most people choose to get photographic evidence of any damage that has been done; this is probably the best option in most cases as it will give the insurance company a clear idea of the level of repairs that will need to be carried out. It will also ensure the property owner has a photographic record should there be any queries about the claim later.

Independent Assessor

Often an insurance company will send out an independent assessor to the property before paying out on an insurance claim; they will usually take photographic evidence of the damage and write a written report. This will then be sent on to the insurance company so they can consider the claim, however, if you wish, you are entitled to have an expert from a roofing repair company carry out an assessment as well, which can prove invaluable if the insurance company refuse to pay out and you wish to dispute this.

Temporary Repairs

Another way that Leeds Roofing Company can help following damage being caused to your property, is by carrying out temporary repairs to protect the building until it can be restored properly.

Once the independent assessor has carried out a survey and recorded evidence that will be needed for the claim, one of the trusted team at our business can carry out any necessary temporary repairs. This will ensure that no further damage is caused to the property such as water damage that might leak through a broken tile and cause further harm.

For details of how we can help with Insurance Repair Work caused by bad weather, call Leeds Roofing Company on 0800 037 5669 or fill out the form here.

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