We get a lot of enquiries from people who have a leaking roof. Most of the time, we’re able to provide a number of potential causes over the telephone but it’s impossible to properly diagnose a leaky roof without physically inspecting it. If you live in the Leeds area, we are happy to come to your property and perform a free inspection to diagnose the cause of your leaking roof. Please call us on 0800 037 5669 or 07947 272 606 to set this up. We will also provide you with a free, no obligation quote in addition to your inspection.

Potential causes of leaky roofs

If you’re here because you want to know what might be causing your roof to leak, then you will find some common causes of leaky roofs below. Obviously, we can’t say whether or not one of these issues is affecting your roof without inspecting it, but if one of these causes sounds like it might be right then at least you’ll have narrowed your problem down:

  • Underlay failure

Underneath your roof’s tiles there is underlay. Underlay is designed to allow water that gets through the tiles to flow downwards and into the gutters. Over time, underlay can rot, and when it does water will find its way into your building.

  • Slipped tiles or slates

Tiles and slates are fixed to the roof and they are the first layer of protection against the elements. When these ‘slip’, they effectively come out of place, and this exposes the roof’s underlay to a level of water that it was never designed to handle.

  • Flashing damage

A very common cause of roof leaks is damaged flashing. Flashing is installed at junctions on the roof. Either by poor installation or simply over time, flashing can move out of place or corrode. This is a serious issue that should be resolved as soon as possible.

  • Water accumulation at the chimney

Chimneys are great, but they also open your home up to the elements. When it rains, water collects on the chimney’s surface which then trickles down the breast. If there are any cracks in the breast, then water will find its way into your home.

  • Soffit and fascia damage

Soffit and fascia damage is not uncommon even on modern buildings. The soffit is the wood or metal panel on the underside of the roof’s overhang, and the fascia is the board that runs behind the gutter. Either can fail and cause water to leak into your home.

As you’ll have noticed, we haven’t provided any potential symptoms to the above. The reason for this is simple – symptoms can come in hundreds of forms. As such, there’s no point in making you think you have one issue when you could have another altogether. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, an inspection is essential to diagnose a leaky roof. Please call us on 0800 037 5669 or 07947 272 606 for a free inspection and quote.

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