How to tell when you need a new roof

There are different symptoms of you needing a new roof. Although you will know for sure when the storm blows you house’s cover, there are other signs which you should look out for so you can call up a Leeds roofing company at the right time.

Missing Shingles

Shingles belong up on the roof. So if you see them down on the ground, it’s probably time to get a new roof. Bear in mind that if your roof was new and still you find missing shingles or sections, it is a very strong indication that the Leeds roofers you hired did a poor job. In case of an older roof, it’s probably too old.


Once your roof starts absorbing moisture instead of repelling it, you will start to see rotting on the roof. It’s a sign that you a new roof or replace the roof sections affected, depending on the extent of rotting.

Ceiling Spots

You don’t always have to look on the roof to see if you need a new one. For example, you can see that you need to call Leeds roofers to get a new roof by looking on your ceiling. If there is discoloration on them, it means the roof is letting water go through the structure, hence the need to replace the roof as soon as possible

If you are thinking you need a new roof, chances are you do. Contact a Leeds roofing company in the soonest to confirm your roofing needs.

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