How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Leeds?


This comprehensive guide aims to give you a thorough understanding of the factors influencing roofing costs in Leeds, ensuring you make an informed decision for your roofing project. In our pursuit of providing unmatched roofing solutions, we recognise that one of the most pressing questions homeowners have when considering a roof replacement is, “How much does a new roof cost in Leeds?” This comprehensive guide aims to give you an in-depth understanding of the factors influencing roofing costs in Leeds.



Roofing Material Options

A Slate Roof

A common choice for roofing is slate because of its strength and visual appeal. Slate roof installation normally costs between £80 and £120 per square metre in Leeds. Depending on the slate’s quality and the installation’s intricacy, this price may change.

Tin Roofing

Another popular choice for roofing is tile. Tiles made of concrete and clay come in a variety of designs. Depending on the style and type of tiles you select, the price per square metre might range from £50 to £100.

A Metal Roof

Energy-saving metal roofing is renowned for its durability. The price of metal roofing in Leeds varies from £70 to £150 per square metre, depending on the kind of metal and the intricacy of the roof.

A Flat Roof

In Leeds, flat roofs are quite common. Due to the variety of materials available, flat roofing might cost anything from £40 and £120 per square metre.


Size and Complexity of Roofs

Your roof’s size and intricacy have a big influence on the price. Larger roofs naturally cost more since they require more labor and materials. Dormers and other complex roof designs, such as those with several angles, might cost more money.

Roofing Additions

Several accessories are necessary to maintain the longevity of your new roof. These consist of:

Flashing: Prevents water from penetrating the joints of the roof. Prices range from £5 to £20 per linear meter depending on the material chosen.

Ventilation: For the roof to last a long time, proper ventilation is essential. Depending on the type of vents used, prices might range from £10 to £50 per vent.

Labor Charges

In Leeds, labor expenses for roofing projects might be high. For a high-quality installation, skilled and knowledgeable roofers are required. Depending on the intricacy of the job and the level of experience needed, roofing work charges might range from £20 to £60 per hour.

Additional Points to Consider

Roofing Licences

Determine whether a permit is required before beginning your roofing project. Permit costs can vary, but they are normally reasonable and necessary for legal compliance.

Taking Off the Old Roof

Budget for the removal and disposal of your old roof, don’t forget. The price per square meter might vary from £30 to £100 depending on the roofing material and disposal costs.


In conclusion, there are a number of variables that affect the price of a new roof in Leeds, including the roofing material, the size and complexity of the roof, the necessary accessories, labor expenses, and extra elements like permits and old roof removal. It’s best to speak with a reliable roofing contractor who can give you a thorough quotation based on your particular needs in order to obtain an exact price for your particular project.

The decision to invest in a new roof is a big one, and knowing what affects the price can help you choose wisely for your house. We are here to help you at every step of the roofing process, guaranteeing that your investment yields a safe, attractive roof that will endure the test of time.

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