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When you are looking for tough and durable all-weather resistant flat roofing services for buildings and homes, then Leeds Roofing Company is your best stop. We offer GRP flat fibreglass roofs that effectively prevent any sort of leaks into your homes. These are very cost effective solution since they add durability to your roofing.


Leeds roofers recommend using this great looking seamless fibreglass Grp flat roofing system because it’s extremely tough. Our Leeds roofers know how to install fibreglass roofs without causing any damage. Installing GRP Fibreglass roof is a cold application process and so does not carry any risk during or after the installation. This lets you enjoy the benefits of your seamless roof system as soon as our Leeds roofers leave.

A properly laid fibreglass GRP Roofing will last for at least 30 years with no measurable deterioration.


No leaks, no slip

Our GRP fibreglass roofs guarantee you no leaks, no rotting, non-slip. Moreover it is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike most Leeds roofers, the Leeds Roofing Company doesn’t just sacrifice design for quality, or work ethics. Our work quality minimizes the chances of you calling on roof repairs ever so often. When you have our men over to fix or fit a new GRP Fibreglass roof, we can be positive that your guests’ will compliment your building’s great exterior.


We are approved expert installers of GRP roofing systems


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