A good roof will save you money on your energy bills! How? Well, roofing is one of the biggest areas of heat loss in a home.

Can roofing save money on energy bills?

We hear quite a lot about saving money on our energy bills by making amendments to our home – although some of these can be quite complex! When people talk about changing their roof to save money they are usually talking about solar power panels. Whilst this can be a great way to reduce the cost of your electricity and heating bills they are far from the only option.

Over recent weeks the topic of heating a home and power in general is one that has been discussed in great length. Price hikes announced by many of the big named energy companies means that many households are starting to worry about the cost of their utility bills. It is thought that on average, each household can expect to pay £120 a year more now than they did for the exact same bills a year ago. When you look at these rising costs it is no surprise that people are looking into ways that they can reduce how much their household bills cost them.

For many people it is the quality of their roof that lets them down. We all know that heat rises – which means that if your roof isn’t in good condition it will just let the heat escape and you’ll have to work even harder to keep your home warm.

What you should be doing is considering whether roofing work carried out on your home could be a worthwhile financial investment. Yes, the cost of getting a roofing contractor in can be a little expensive but when you weigh this up with how much you’ll save on your heating bills over the course of a winter you will see that you can soon recoup back the money you have spent.

This winter is set to be one of the coldest we have had in decades, when you combine this with the highest energy bills we have ever had you can see that this winter could turn out to be very expensive. Why not try to get around this problem by fixing any problems you have with your roof now?

If you contact a roofing contractor they can often give you a quote reasonably quicker. You can then look at the price you are paying your energy company and work out whether it is worth having this work carried out – it usually is!


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