Gale damage to you roof

Gale damage is all too common this time of year and high winds can cause many different types of harm to your roof, which if not repaired quickly enough can go on to cause other problems such as water leaks; this could then lead on to mould and damp in the home; this can be damaging to the health.

These are some of the common problems caused by gale damage that the Leeds Roofing Company can assist with.

Broken roof tiles – this is a problem that occurs frequently during a gale. Sometimes, roof tiles are broken or damaged due to the sheer force of the winds, however, on occasion, they can be damaged by falling debris or trees or they might even be damaged by a passing vehicle if grit is whipped up in the air.

Whatever the cause of the damage to your roof titles, our company offers quick quotes, a fast and efficient service from our expert team, and we will guarantee all of the work that we complete.

PVCs, fascia, guttering damage

PVCs, fascia and guttering can often be damaged as a result of heavy winds. As explained below, a guttering that doesn’t carry water away properly can cause water damage to the home if not repaired properly, and damaged fascias and PVCs could also eventually lead to structural damage if they are not fixed soon enough. These problems might seem small, but they should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid them turning into a much larger job.

Drains and gutters blocked

Another common problem caused by gale damage is blocked gutters and drains. This usually occurs when debris is whipped up by the wind and blocks a guttering, leaving water unable to flow through the guttering properly. If water is not able to be carried away from the house, this can sometimes lead to leaks and cause the exterior walls of the property to become damp.

Also, it is a good idea to have the guttering’s cleared out regularly regardless of gale damage to prevent any problems occurring. If this is a job that you don’t feel able to do yourself, then call the Leeds Roofing Company and let one of our expert team carry out the work for you.

To find out more about our services and how the Leeds Roofing Company can help in the event of gale damage, contact us on 0800 037 5669 or fill out the form here.

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