Leeds Roofing Company are please to trial a New product to prevent cracking mortar often caused by movement within the roofs strutter.

Flexcrete’s Flexipoint is a pre-packaged, polymer modified, cementitious mortar for the rapid pointing of brick, stone, tile and other types of masonry. It is available in a range of shades which are designed to maintain their colour-fastness.

Flexipoint is a single component, cement based material incorporating the latest polymer and metakaolin technology which when mixed with water produces a pointing mortar for rapid application by gun or trowel. The aggregates have been specially selected and graded to allow smooth application and prevent segregation and locking under pressure whilst giving a high quality finish. It cures to form a durable, waterproof joint with enhanced polymeric properties which allows a degree of movement within the structure. It is available in a range of shades upon special request, which maintain their colour-fastness by utilising stable pigments and incorporating metakaolin to reduce efflorescence.

Advantages of Flexipoint

Ease of use: Materials are pre-packaged and only require mixing with clean water on-site to give a mortar for rapid application by gun or trowel.
Low shrinkage: Does not pull away from masonry and ensures a weatherproof joint.
Thixotropic: Enables complete filling and easy finishing of joints without slumping.
Waterproof: Contains metakaolin and water repellents to prevent ingress of water.
Durable: Polymer modification enhances adhesion and structural strength yet allows a degree of flexibility to accommodate movement within the structure.
Cost effective: Gun application increases output and efficiency enabling significant cost savings. Part bags can be mixed.

At Leeds Roofing Company we are constantly looking out for exciting new products to further enhance the quality of our Roofing & Property Maintenance services.
If you would like further information on this or any requirement you may have or would simply like some advice please get in touch today.
Many thanks.

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