Flat roofing for Leeds homes

Many of our customers in the Leeds area have opted for flat roofing when it comes to replacing their existing roof and the Leeds Roofing Company has a team of certified contractors that offer customers real value for money. If you are considering a flat roof, there are many different benefits to choosing this option.

Value for money

Flat roofing gives value for money in many different ways. First of all, they are easier to install than other types of roofing so the job won’t take as long, thus reducing the amount that needs to be spent on labour. In addition, a flat roof is durable so it won’t need to be replaced for decades to come, helping to reduce costs on maintaining the roof or replacing it. A flat roof can also reduce the costs of energy bills, offering the property owner savings on energy bills far into the future.

Stands the test of time

Flat roofing is renowned for its durability, which is one of the main reasons that flat roofing is considered as an attractive option when it comes to having a new roof fitted or restored. Often, when a flat roof has been expertly installed, it can last for decades. An average life span is 20-25 years, but they can last for up to 40.


Another major benefit of flat roofing that the Leeds Roofing Company offers is we can customise a flat roof to guarantee it meets the exact needs of our customers. This applies no matter the size of the property and to both domestic and commercial customers; flat roofs can be customised to be decorative if you want them to.

Water tight

One of the common problems with roofs is that they are prone to weather damage. One of the main issues can be water damage caused by the increasingly harsher climate in the UK and the heavy rains that are becoming more persistent; this leaves roofs prone to leaks. Water leaks can go on to cause further problems such as mould and damp inside the home, which makes flat roofing a good option if you want to avoid this.

Weather resistant

Flat roofing has been shown to have long term weather resistance, helping to ensure its longevity and reducing the need for on-going maintenance costs on the property.

Energy Savings

One benefit of flat roofing that can be overlooked is the energy savings that it offers. By installing a flat roof, the property owner will reap the cost saving benefits far into the future, by being able to reduce their overall energy costs year on year.

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