Mankind has always excelled in architecture. Whether we talk about the pyramids or the Colosseum, the Taj Mahal or numerous modern day architectural wonders, we have always outdone ourselves. Roofing is an integral part of any architecture. From tapered or cone-shaped roofs to domes and flat roofs, we have experimented with geometry, earthly materials and we have weaved magic in terms of sustainability.

There are many amazing roofs around the world, some of which are rather mindboggling.

Here are five such amazing roofs that will spellbind you.

  1. The Danish Maritime Museum in Helsingor has a roof at ground level that endures human traffic and yet serves as a roof for the underground structure. Developed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the roof is a stellar example of how unused space can be used and something wonderful can be created without really jeopardising its immediate surroundings. The Danish Maritime Museum itself is set around the dry dock close to the historic Kronborg Castle in Helsingor. If the museum stands out with its design and a fine blend of the new and the old world, then the roof is a magnificent feather on the crown.
  2. Millennium Park in Chicago is officially the largest roof garden in the world. Not many people see it as a roof but if you consider the two underground multi-story car parks in the heart of Chicago that the Millennium Park sits on, then it is a roof and it is also the habitat of native birds, plants and a host of other features. Spanning a staggering 99,000 m², the Millennium Park is an architectural accomplishment like few others. What will amaze you further is that beyond these attributes, the roof also caters to inner city storm water run-off, contributes to the immediate ecology and also reduces energy waste.
  3. Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi offers you several reasons to love it. It has the largest indoor theme park in the world, it sports the largest Ferrari logo spreading across a whopping 3,000 m² and the entire project is in the desert so the air conditioning and heat management challenges are much more daunting than you would imagine. In addition to these feats, the Ferrari World has a roof that spans 200,000 m². Take a look at it and you will be at a loss for words.
  4. General Motors has been a pioneer in many ways. Its building in Zaragoza is presently the largest solar power station hosted on a rooftop. Basically, the roof is one large solar panel generating up to 12 megawatts of energy. It has been estimated that this project can save as much as 6,700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in a year.
  5. The Opera House is a modern architectural wonder. The tourist hotspot in Sydney is all the more fascinating when you consider its roof. The roof is made of shells and these shells are 2,194 pre-cast concrete sections, each weighing around 15 tons. The shells are installed with steel cables and are covered with more than one million tiles.

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