Fibre Glass Roofing for homes in Leeds

Many builders now recommend using Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP and there are many reasons why this modern material is a sound investment for the home or business owner. If you are not familiar with it, GRP is the same material that is used in fish ponds and tanks and it has many other manufacturing applications too; it is used across a wide range of industries, largely because of the reliability of this material.

Detailed below are some of the benefits of Fibre Glass Roofing

The Benefits of Fibre Glass Roofing

First of all, this type of flat roofing offers durability. This tough material can last for decades and sometimes it can even last for an entire lifetime.  Experts say that that the average lifespan of this type of material is 30-50 years; it won’t be easily damaged by bad weather, it offers a watertight finish that will last, and it looks good too.

Another major benefit of this type of material is that it is watertight. In recent years the UK has experienced extremes of weather and many homeowners have had their possessions ruined when a roof has leaked because it cannot cope with the torrential rains. However, fibre glass roofs are much stronger and can withstand these extremes of weather and offer a homeowner greater peace of mind.

Fibre Glass Roofing is also low maintenance. Tile roofs can easily be damaged by heavy wind or rain but GRP roofing, when fixed properly, will need very little in the way of maintenance. Once it has been fitted, this durable material will only require a small amount of work to keep it in optimum condition. Moreover, another major bonus of this material is that there are no joints, so that makes it easier to maintain and less likely to leak.

GRP or Fibre Glass Roofing can also help homes and businesses to save money. A roofing company can add insulation to the roofing, helping the home to retain heat thus reducing energy bills. Another benefit of this type of roofing is that it often only needs to be fitted once, so there won’t be any additional bills associated with the on-going maintenance.

This type of roofing also offers versatility to homeowners and businesses as it comes in different colours. This means that the roofing will be in keeping with the rest of the building and it won’t look out of place.

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