Leeds Roofing Company are proud to be on the elite register of approved contractors following the strict vetting procedure where by many jobs are referenced and previous customers are contacted and asked to rate a contractor on various things such as quality of work, services provided, value for money and satisfaction of works completed. We scored 10 out of 10 on each answer achieving the maximum score possible.

Are you one of those people who will roll up their sleeves and tackle anything – the intrepid DIY enthusiast, or do you prefer to call an expert home improvement specialist – someone with professional qualifications, belongs to a recognised trade association and, most importantly, will do the job properly and efficiently?
When you want your roof repaired or replaced, or any Property Maintenance works to whom do YOU turn? If you are not fortunate enough to know someone who can recommend a tradesman, you will have to rely on an unknown ‘tradesman’, one who might easily make matters worse. That’s not likely to happen when you use a Fair Trades approved contractor.
To get a job done properly you need to find a professional tradesman, someone you can trust,  who guarantees his work, Leeds Roofing Company do this as well as coming well recommended by the local community. The alternative might be someone who takes your money and rides into the sunset never to be seen again. Such rogue builders should never be trusted to work on your home.
Know what you want
Before you start thumbing through the yellow pages, you need to know exactly what work you need done. Having an action plan in place gives your tradesman a better idea of the job to be tackled at the quotation stage. It works in your favour too: your home improvement quote can be priced more accurately, which means less chance of surprise charges later on and less delay in receiving a more detailed quote.

Each member has a unique Identification number which you are able to call free and check us out to confirm we and other companys are everything we say we are.

Don’t simply take a contractors word that they are a Fair Trades Approved Contractor,  it is in your interests to call and check them out or at least ask to see identification confirming this.
Thank you for reading and hopefully this helps.
If you would like a free quotation or any advice on a prepossed project be it large or small please contact us today as we will be happy to help.

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