An eaves protection system is a solid PVC sheet which spans the void between the fascia board and top of the rafters. This prevents common damage caused when the bottom section of under felt becomes wet or damp becoming weak when drying out time and time again. This is also an advantage in preventing damage to fascia boards in this instance.

Benefits of the Eaves Protection System:
Installing an eaves protection system prevents the roofing felt sagging behind the fascia board.

Any moisture or water is then able to flow unobstructed in to the gutter, avoiding water pooling within the roof space which could potentially lead to rot within the roof timbers.

Supply & Installation:
Leeds Roofing Company have been using this system for years to ensure all our customers receive the best job possible when re roofing or replacing Upvc roof lines.
We can supply and install your new eaves protection system ensuring all parts are correctly installed.

For further free advice or to arrange your free quotation on this or any roofing and property maintenance services please call Leeds Roofing Company today to see how we can help.

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