Here at Leeds Roofing Company we understand the needs of our customers and appreciate the fact that people are looking for long term, cost effective and maintenance free solutions to those age old roofing problems.

The addition of dry ridge, dry verge and now dry valley roofing systems lead the way towards having an entirely mortar free roof.
Meaning an end to repointing works years down the line. Your roof will remain looking same from day one. These systems also allow fixing in less than totally dry weather, something which is in short supply or late.
See details below;

Compatible with Double Roman, Ludlow Major, Mendip, Duo Modern, Modern and Wessex tiles and fibre cement slates.

Developed to allow the designer freedom to specify a completely mortar-free roof, this Dry Valley System utilises the latest GRP technology. The advanced and unique parabolic gutter section improves discharge rates without added gutter depth.

The Marley Eternit Dry Valley System complies with the requirements of BS 5534 : for the drainage of the roofing elements and provides a weatherproof gutter lining at the valley intersection.

The Valley trough components are manufactured from high durability moulded GRP. The comb filler units are manufactured from polypropylene.

The Marley Eternit  Dry Valley System is suited for pitches 22.5° – 90°. The parabolic gutter section improves discharge rates and can accommodate valley lengths up to a maximum of 8 metres, (see BS 5534).

The Marley Eternit Dry Valley System is suitable for use with all large format interlocking tiles and fibre cement slates and is compatible with Marley Eternit Dry Fix and Ventilation Systems.

* High efficiency gutter design for increased capacity and flow rates.
* Suitable for roof pitches from 22.5° to 90°.
* Manufactured from high quality GRP in grey finish.
* Valley Section flexes to accommodate differing pitches either side of the valley to a maximum of 15°.
* 1 metre long Comb Filler Strips, available in two depths to suit different tile profiles, prevent ingress of birds and vermin.
* Suitable for all large format interlocking concrete tiles and fibre cement slates.

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Thank you for reading. Leeds Roofing Company.

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