Dormer Conversions in Leeds

dormer conversion can be a lengthy project, and there are many things that you’ll need to consider if you are thinking of converting your attic into a living space.

The first thing to consider is planning permission, and since getting planning permission can often be a time consuming, lengthy process, you’ll want to start this as soon as possible. Every dormer conversion will need planning permission, no matter the size, and getting the permission granted will depend on several aspects, including whether the building is a listed property.

Before permission is granted, you’ll need to talk to your neighbours about your plans as you don’t want to wait until you try to get planning permission to see if any of your neighbours will object to your dormer conversion.

After the conversion has been completed, there will also be numerous checks to ensure that the new extension meets all of the necessary standards, so be prepared for all of this, and ensure that you are going with a company that  has years of expertise in dormer extensions.

The Benefits of Dormer Conversions

When the planning part is out of the way and the building is complete, you’ll then be ready to reap the benefits of your new conversion. Here are some of the key benefits of a dormer conversion.

  • A dormer conversion is an affordable way to add extra value to your home. For a small investment, a homeowner can add considerably more to value to their home; three/four bedroomed homes are always considered more desirable than two bedroomed houses.
  • If you are considering moving home because you have outgrown the house you are living in then a dormer conversion is a cost-effective alternative. There is no need to worry about the stress and costs of moving, just talk to a team of expert contractors that can help you make the most out of the space you already have.
  • A dormer extension will provide extra space for just about any purpose. Whether you are planning to have a new baby and need some extra room, you are setting up a business and need some office space, or you have a growing family and need an extra bathroom or shower room, a dormer conversion is a viable solution.
  • Another benefit of a dormer conversion is the extra head space and improved staircase access that it will allow.


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