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Dormer Conversions

Thinking of converting your empty attic into a room? You need a dormer conversion. It is a type of loft conversion that makes smart use of roofing expertise to transform useless space into a nice room. This window-featured extension of the roof adds value to your home dormers are an attractive addition to a house. Dormer conversions are also a great way to increase headroom and improve staircase access.


Hire the Experts, the Best Experts

While you might be tempted to go for a DIY conversion, as a highly experienced Leeds roofing company, we recommend that you don’t. The sheer amount of work involved is enough to overwhelm people who are not used to this kind of roofing work.


Furthermore, dormer conversions require a high level of specialist skills and experience to go with it. As such, they can even challenge professionals who don’t have enough experience. Rest assured that when you come to us for a dormer conversion, the most skilled and experienced Leeds roofers go to work on your house.


Legally Beautiful

Leeds Roofing Company aesthetically enhances your house with the dormer conversion, while maintaining the legal protocol. We only start work once we have the legal permit to make the dormer conversion as required by the local authorities.


Benefits of dormer conversions

  • Enhance property value
  • Get more headroom
  • Improve staircase access
  • Avoid expensive and hectic property moving
  • Get an extra room (bed, bath, office etc.)


As the best Leeds roofers, we help you make the most of these benefits.

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