Can you replace cracked flashing?

Cracked flashing is one of the most common causes of roof leaks, but it can be tough to diagnose. You need to get access to your roof and inspect all of its flashing to ascertain if cracked flashing is the cause of any leak; and for this a professional roofer is recommended.

Why is flashing the cause of leaks, and why does it crack?

The reason cracked flashing causes leaks is because these thin pieces of metal are sealed tight underneath shingle on the joints of the roof to create a water-resistant barrier. Cracks in the flashing greatly reduce water-resistance and this causes the roof to leak.

More often than not, cracks in flashing form over time; we have found the most common cause of cracks to be poor installation which leads to over exposure to the elements, however cracks can also form as a result of general wear and tear or from the substance used to seal the flashing – this is the case with some tar sealants.

Can cracked flashing be replaced?

Cracked flashing can be replaced and thankfully it isn’t time-intensive or costly to do so. We have replaced cracked flashing on hundreds of roofs in Leeds and the surrounding areas with excellent results. From our experience, we’d say that flashing replacement usually only takes a few hours depending on the complexity and scale of the job.

One thing to bear in mind is that flashing can’t be replaced in wet weather. We’d need a dry day to replace cracked flashing; this is for the safety of ourselves and your property.

How much does cracked flashing replacement cost?

Cracked flashing is one of the most inexpensive roof repairs, however the cost of repair can spiral into the hundreds if flashing needs to be replaced on a large scale. ‘Spot repairs’ won’t usually cost more than £100 from a professional and such a repair will solve your leak for years to come. If it is found that further repairs are needed, then obviously the cost will be higher. If you are going to perform repairs yourself, you can find some great deals for repair kits online – just ensure you buy the right flashing kit and high quality flashing strips only.

How long will new flashing last?

The good news is that flashing if properly installed will last you a long time; upwards of 20 years in most cases. So this isn’t a repair you will have to fork out for very often – at least that’s the hope, anyway. Additionally, we are competitively priced and you have the balance of a company that works on industrial-sized projects working on your roof to ensure its longevity. We guarantee all of our work so you know you are getting a quality roof repair.

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