The correct way to seal different roof coverings on adjoining properties.

It is quite common when renewing the roofs of old buildings to strip the roof covering and replace it with something different – for example, many terraced houses, which originally had slates on the roof, are re-roofed in concrete single- lapped tiles. Very often each roof in a row of terraced or semi-detached houses is replaced individually, therefore the joint between the old and new tiling or slating must be weathered. Sometimes this is done by simply mortaring a row of tiles or ridge tiles over the joint. Unfortunately, this can often lead to leaks and is not to be recommended. A far better solution is to incorporate a ‘bonding’ or ‘jointing’ gutter. This can be formed from lead, or alternatively, there are a number of proprietary systems available. A bonding gutter not only provides an effective means to weather the junction, but it also gives a neat appearance, with old and new materials finishing closely together and the gutter being almost completely hidden.

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