Guttering should be something that you can rely upon without needing to pay much attention to it. However, there are general rules for the upkeep of different types of guttering. Plastic guttering should be good for many years but over time blockages and damage can occur. It is always important to check the integrity of the gutter every 6 months or so to ensure that it hasn’t come adrift from the side of the house and is presenting a danger through falling debris. Guttering that is made from plastic is prone to damage in high winds, particularly if it has been struck by some other debris from a tree, for instance. This can mean that the section of guttering needs replacing, or if you can’t find a compatible piece, then the entire system will need changing.

It is generally advised that gutters should be cleaned twice a year since there the weather can vary considerably as the seasons pass by. Spring gutter cleaning is a great idea since this will give you an opportunity to remove all of the moss and other pieces of debris that has built up during the winter months. It will also give you a good opportunity to check the integrity of the gutter after the weathering effects of what may have been a particularly cold winter. As the weather warms up, the guttering may begin to expand again. Because spring often brings a lot of showers, winter debris can block up drains easily. Dealing with it now is highly advisable.

The next time that you should really take care of your guttering is in or immediately after autumn. The gutter will need cleaning after all of the leaves have fallen from the trees and a surprising amount will have built up in your gutter during this time. Rotting leaves can also become compressed overtime which can be difficult to remove without any more specialist equipment. So removing them as autumn comes to an end is a great way to save money on extra products or services.

At Leeds Roofing Company,  we offer two types of guttering – round and square guttering. These can be combined with downpipes if you need to replace leaking or damaged guttering. Round guttering is the most traditional type that can be affixed to most types of houses. Options include, half round gutters at 112mm and downpipes at 68mm which should provide ample room for adequate drainage, even if there is the presence of debris. Square gutters are available in 3 different colours including black, brown and white and come in 4 metre lengths.

We also offer OG profile guttering to replicate the look of cast iron.  This option is a higher capacity gutter to accommodate fast expelling water from steep fast draining roofs.

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