The walls of buildings are susceptible to many kinds of damage. This damage can be minimised by using a material to protect the walls. Wall cladding refers to material used to cover the interior or exterior walls of a building. It can protect the walls from damp, extremes of weather and UV light. More often than not, PVC is used in wall cladding. PVC cladding has many advantages over alternative materials.

Plastic wall cladding is able to withstand extremes of heat, cold and damp. It is extremely durable, with some being able to withstand hurricane strength winds. It is also incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean and looking its best year round.
Compared to other forms of cladding such as wood, brick of stone, PVC cladding is extremely cost effective. It will retain their look and shape for many years and, in the unlikely event of them becoming damaged, it’s very simple to repair and replace.
Wall cladding can also be used for interiors. It can be used to enhance the look of interior walls and to make them simpler to clean. PVC cladding also comes in a huge range of colours, meaning that you can choose a style to match your fittings and interiors.
Plastic wall cladding is a cheaper alternative to tiling and is much easier to replace in the event of damage. Cladding can be fitted in commercial and residential environments, and are guaranteed to last for many years. It’s a great addition to any building.
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