Understanding what a material is before deciding to spend your money on a home improvement is essential to ensure you get exactly what your looking for. As well as been sure it does everything you might hope.

GRP does all this and more besides.


GRP Roofing:

How long will it take?

When applied in normal conditions, there’s no need for a blow torch unlike felts and tar roofs. This means that a GRP fibre glass roof can normally be installed and finished in a day. In fact, up to 20 square meters of glass fibre roofing can usually be installed within a day.

Do I need to wait for dry weather?

Yes. Firstly, we’ll need to take away your old roof – so it’s best if the conditions are mainly dry. GRP is then fitted in one meter wide matts. These are moulded in situ to create a seemless, waterproof, fibre glass finish. The top coat is made out of resin and this will need to dry to become completely waterproof. Fibre glass roof installation is generally a quicker process than felt roofs, so the weather doesn’t need to stay dry for long!

How much does it cost?

A GRP fibre glass roof may cost a little more than a traditional flat roof made of felt – but not as much as you think. What you need to weigh up though, is whether the difference in price is worth the twenty year guarantee and the superior energy efficiency that a GRP warm roof brings above felt roofs.

How long does it last?

Fibre glass is extremely hard wearing and comes with a double guarantee – twenty five years from the manufacturer for the glass fibre material and twenty years from ourselves to cover theinstallation process. In the unlikely event that you have any problems during this time – you’re completely covered.

What are the advantages over a felt roof?

It comes down to durability and energy efficiency. Fibre glass is hard wearing and won’t let you down. No more leaks, no more tears. Its unique fibre glass properties make it an extremely energy efficient material for flat roofs – this means that not only will rooms keep the heat better, but you should notice a difference in your monthly bills.


If you would like free advice or a quotation on this or any of your roofing and property maintenance requirements Leeds Roofing Company will be more than happy to help at anytime. So get in touch to day and let’s how we can help make your roof live to tell the test of time. Hassle free for many years to come.

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