3 Things that roofing contractors don’t tell you

No one cares about you, your family and your home as much you YOU. So you need to be smart and wary when dealing with Leeds roofers when you need their services. Leeds roofers will often go on and on about how great they are. They will tell you a lot about their skills and experience which is fine really, but there are also some things, very important things, that a typical Leeds roofing company will not tell you.

You need to know these things, so go over 3 of the most important ones:

“We’re too busy to get back to you”

Often the drawback with a popular Leeds roofing company is that they are handling multiple projects at one time. While a really good Leeds roofing company will have an appropriate workforce to match the workload, most of them do not. This means that once they finish working on your roof, you will have a hard time getting them to visit you for any follow-up work.

“We depend on novice roofers for most of the work”

While you will see almost all the Leeds roofers boasting of their decades of experience, the decades apply to their business, not the employees. Most of the experienced roofing contractors delegate a lot of the actual roofing work to low-paid novices.

“We are polluting the Earth, one roof at a time”

In some cases, redoing a roof sets off harmful particles that need to be handled properly. The dilemma is that a specialist team that can properly handle this situation will cost thousands of pounds. Your roofing contractor can attempt to do the job for a few extra hundred pounds as a win-win situation. However, unless the roofing company has special training to deal with this kind of situation, they are simply causing an environmental disaster.

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