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When the best Leeds roofers work with the world leader in roof windows, you can be sure to get something extraordinary. For more than six decades Velux has provided the finest quality of roof windows as a means to use solar light to illuminate homes. Leeds Roofing Company is your best choice to light up your home through the best in business; the Sun, Velux and Leeds Roofing Company.


Windowless Bathrooms, Corridors…

Sun tunnels are an ingenious way through which you can trap the Sun’s light and channel it through to areas inside your home where it normally would not reach. These tunnels are ideal for providing natural light to windowless bathrooms, corridors, cupboards or any place you want.


For Any Type of Building Design

After providing the best roofing services in Leeds to numerous households, the roofing experts at Leeds Roofing Company have seen and worked on every type of house and commercial building. Our experience, in addition to our expertise, ensures that we can provide the best functionality of Velux windows and Sun Tunnels regardless of the architecture of your home or work place.


As the most competent Leeds roofers, we are well-trained and experienced to handle the superior windows and Sun Tunnels that Velux manufactures.

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