Lead Roofing in Leeds

A lot of the best buildings in Britain have lead roofing. Leeds Roofing Company has worked on many of them. Our reputation, experience and skills all make us the best choice for lead roofing by businesses as well as households.


Invaluable Protection

Thanks to its tough composition, lead provides excellent protection against harsh weather. Lead roofing’s amazing durability comes at a price. For commercial and industrial projects that have the right budget, Leeds Roofing Company has provided the most commendable lead roofing jobs. Besides commercial and industrial premises, lead roofing also often adorns churches.


Protect your Investment in Lead Roofing

Known for providing the most reliable roofing services in Leeds, we are the first Leeds roofing company that businesses turn to. This is because we ensure their investment in the expensive lead is put to the best use. We use the optimum combination of lead qualities to deliver the most flattering lead roofing in Leeds.


Strong & Beautiful across Centuries

In addition to being strong and durable, lead roofing also has very beautiful finish. Their strength and beauty is really marvellous as they can both go on for centuries. Historic buildings with lead roofing are testament to this fact. Leeds Roofing Company uses only the highest quality material to ensure that the longevity of lead roofs stands the test of time as magnificently as possible.


We cover all kinds of lead roofing including:

  • Flat Roofs
  • Guttering
  • Dormers
  • Flashings


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