Have you been the victim of stolen lead flashing etc? If so this can be very annoying not to meeting a hassle to sort out and a waste of you’d time. If you consider that this is potentially likely to happen in future and perhaps your property is vulnerable or in a sacluded spot making this a worry, why content consider the following none precious metal alternative with all the same weather proofing benefits,  minus the scrap value meaning your roof just became no longer attractive to any would be thiefs and your can relax knowing your roof will I remain intact to do the job it’s intended for many years to come.

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Ubiflex is a non-lead waterproof flashing material which can be used in all applications where lead is traditionally used to provide a weatherproof seam on buildings and roofs in particular. Ubiflex can also be used to form damp proof courses and cavities in masonry walls.

Ubiflex is now available in two types:

  • Ubiflex B2
  • Ubiflex B3
Original Ubiflex has become Ubiflex B3 and a new, lighter version – Ubiflex B2 – has been introduced to the range.
The application selector below shows where Ubiflex B2 and Ubiflex B3 can be used in specific applications. Ubiflex B3 is BBA Certified – the only flexible flashing system with a BBA Certificate.

Ubiflex Applications

Ubiflex B2 Ubiflex B3
Soakers  •
Sharp corners  •
Valley gutters  •  •
Cover flashings  •  •
Window flashings  •
Door flashings  •
Step flashings  •  •
Rooflight flashings  •  •
Conservatory flashings  •  •
DPC & Cavity tray in masonry wals  •
BBA Certificate  •

Ubiflex is:

  • 80% lighter than lead – giving handling, structural and health and safety advantages.
  • Up to 50% quicker to install than lead, is fully malleable, can be worked in both directions and is self-sealing if punctured.
  • Not susceptible to thermal movement. Aprons up to 12m long can be formed without seams or expansion joints – 8 times longer than traditional lead sheet. Consequently, there is less wastage with Ubiflex.
  • compatible with all common building materialsand components, such as thermal panels, extract flues, ventilators, rooflights and flat roofing membranes including PVC single ply.
  • a though, flexible, impermeable membrane which is also ideal for use as a DPC or cavity tray. It has excellent resistance to sliding under lateral loading  can withstand usual building settlement.
  • stable and does not cause any sightly staining.
  • worked the same way as lead flashing but without the need for protective measures. It can be cut with a sharp knife or snips.
  • only of value to the installer, it has no re-sale value as scrap
  • environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.
  • wind tunnel testing at BRE demonstrated that Ubiflex will resist wind speeds of 110mph.
  • covered by a BBA Certificate for general use. It is also accepted by the NHBC and Zurich insurance.

Ubiflex Technical Description

Roll widths and weights  Ubiflex B2 Ubiflex B3
 150mm x 12m  4.0kg  7.2kg
 200m x 12m  5.3kg  9.6kg
 250mm x 12m  6.6kg  12.0kg
 300mm x 12m  8.0kg  14.4kg
 400mm x 12m  10.6kg  19.2kg
 450mm x 12m  –  21.6kg
 500mm x 6m  –  12.0kg
 600mm x 6m  14.4kg
 1000mm  6m  24.0kg


 2.3mm  3.5mm
 Topside colour:
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