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Fascias and Soffits

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering Explained

Properly maintained fascias and soffits can help to maintain the look of your home and the structure of the roof, and guttering needs to be kept in optimum condition to avoid overflow, which can eventually lead to the exterior walls of your home becoming damp if it is left too long.

The fascia is found underneath the roof edge, they can be made of different materials including word and metal; you might also have heard them referred to as the roofline. The fascia’s need to be well maintained as they help to support the guttering.

Soffits support the fascia. They can be vulnerable to condensation, which could in the long term lead to the development of decay.

Guttering’s collect water and carry it away from the house. They are made from numerous materials including iron, uPVC, PVC and steel.

How we can help
The Leeds Roofing Company offer a full range of guttering services. From the simplest problems to more complex jobs, we can help ensure that your guttering remains in tiptop condition and continues to do the job that it was designed to do.

Common problems that we are called to deal with include overflowing guttering and guttering deterioration. We recommend that people do not try and tackle these problems themselves as these can turn into complex jobs, and it could cause damage to the guttering if the repair work isn’t completed properly. We offer a full guttering package service that we have implemented to ensure that the guttering at your home or work environment always stay in the absolute best condition possible, and so that we can spot any early problems before they develop into a larger job.

The fascias that we provide come in a range of materials including uPVC, vinyl and aluminium. We offer our customers a range of colours, so there will be something that fits perfectly with the overall look of the property or premises. When it comes to fitting fascias or soffits, we work closely with our customers to determine which would be the best materials for them, and we will discuss all of the options for replacing or restoring fascias and soffits when we meet with our customers.

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