Dormer conversions, are they worth it?

Attic space is built into homes to provide additional storage and a break from the roof. But, attics are rarely used for anything important. In most homes, they are an area with little activity and people only tend to access them once every few months. We feel that this is a lost opportunity, because attics can in fact be opened up and transformed into a whole new room. And that means increasing the square foot of your property.

This conversion is called a dormer conversion. Dormer conversions convert empty attics into a room. They often have skylights to provide light and ventilation. And in a world where families require more and more living space, a dormer conversion is one of the best ways to get more out of a property – but it’s not for the fainthearted. For instance, this is not a project you should take on by yourself. DIYers take note – a dormer conversion requires a high level of expertise and specialist skills to get right.

Are dormer conversions worth it?

Dormer conversions are absolutely worth the investment if you require more living space in your home. They are very rarely denied planning permission (in cases where planning permission is required) and as such they are an ideal alternative to a property extension. In fact, we have had dormer conversion applications granted for listed buildings.

Here are just a handful of the benefits a dormer conversion provides:

  • Dramatically increased living space;
  • Enhanced property appeal and value;
  • Improved staircase access;
  • Reduced need to move home;
  • Fully electrical and plumbing compatible.

The possibilities really are endless with a dormer conversion. You could simply have a blank room created for additional office or bed space, or a large bathroom installed to free up space on lower levels plus much more. Perhaps the best thing about such a conversion is the added appeal it brings to a property. A 3-bed home can be transformed into a 4-bed home, or something really exciting like a cinema room can be installed to entice buyers.

Cost of a dormer conversion

The average cost of a dormer conversion is around £25,000. However, prices can rise to as much as £35,000, depending on the work involved. This is a lot of money, but this will be clawed back when it comes to selling your home.

If you are interested in a dormer conversion in Leeds, we can help. Give us a call today on 0800 037 5669 or from your mobile on 07947 272 606 to get started.

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