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For a common type of flat roofing seen in the UK, the Leeds Roofing Company offers an uncommon quality with its built-up-felt flat roofs. Every built-up-felt flat roof is made up of various layers of high performance felts as well as mastic asphalt. Insulated timber or concrete forms the foundation of the roof.


Matchless Materials & Techniques

A diverse range of materials and techniques are employed creating built-up-felt flat roofs. The quality of materials used and the skills of the roofing contractor both play an important role in getting up a good built-up-felt flat roofing system.


Often, Leeds roofers lack in either the quality of materials used, or the technical ability to create/install the built-up-felt flat roofs. With the Leeds Roofing Company working for your built-up-felt flat roofs, you can be sure to get the best of both critical qualities. Furthermore, our experience ensures that we build your built-up-felt flat roof on time and within budget.


Hot and Cold Works

As the most capable Leeds roofers, we are well versed in creating and installing both ‘hot works’ and ‘cold works’. With unparalleled efficiency, the Leeds Roofing Company can seal the built-up-felt flat roofs’ membranes by sealants (hot) or adhesives (cold).

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